APT offers professional security integration focusing on protecting people, assets and information by using the
resources we have to create programs that provide value to our clients.

APT creates our own programs within our resource to our valued clients, which outlined in steps below:

Site Security Analysis

APT offers security consultation service directed toward the identification of your needs and requirements. We will
thoroughly review the site location to determine the appropriate system design, which will then be used to develop
specific product applications to provide cost-efficient security solutions for the present, with provision for future
growth and expansion.

Proposal Presentation

APT security-system products and services are clear and well-presented and thoroughly reviewed in order to establish
clients understanding of the scope of work, security, as well as approval on cost feasibility.

Engineering Documents

APT technicians will then prepare a thorough design and mapping for all equipment to be provided as permanent
record of what was done allowing for follow-up system analysis and maintenance.

One Stop Solution

APT can provide one stop solution for security and monitoring system, such as system integrator, setting up VPN,
Civil Construction, perimeter fence, etc.

Support Services

On completion of the installation parameters, APT technicians will do a site walk-through and detailed check of ALL
of the system components, connections, and wiring to insure system integrity is in tact.

System training is also offered and provided both on site, as well as off site where applicable. We do not limit the
level or degree of training provided in an effort to insure administrative functionality.

APT also offers a complete maintenance service designed to meet the client’s needs, expectations, and budget.
These offerings will vary in diversity and complexity on base of project.

Other than providing security systems and equipment, APT is also an official reseller of DCVD from Channel Systems
Canada. As an official agent in Indonesia,
APT also provides training and lectures on the topics such as the following:

  • Physical Principles of Cerenkov Light
  • Cerenkov Glow Characteristics
  • DCVD Hardware and Software
  • Handling CVD’s Workshop
  • Imaging Workshop

And also field training on:

  • Basic Viewing Principles
  • Orientation and Alignment
  • Factors Influencing Cerenkov Glow Intensity
  • Cerenkov Glow Characteristics
  • Scanning Techniques
  • Spent Fuel Verification